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Chris W.
23 November
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i`m Chris and i live in a small suburb near germanys biggest airport(yep,it`s exactly that loud as you would expect it).
If i would describe myself i would say i`m a 30 year old guy who has a big sense for black humor and sarkasm.I love playing Sims 2 but more i like to build houses for my sims and i use a lot of custom content which you can find on different sims-related sites made by the big fan-community.
Maybe you know me or my houses from a few sites.
My style is a more urban and/or grungy style but i also like to build victorian houses for sims or just small family homes.
Maybe i will add later some more info and such stuff,but for now i`m tired of writing in a foreign language.

Have fun

Greetings from Chris W.
american dad, and other weird stuff, and series like southpark, big bang theory, cgi animated movies, collecting die cast cars, cycling, drawing, family guy, growing plants, hip hop, keeping exotic insects/spiders, movies with black humor, nothing to see here, old nick toons, punk rock, reading, reggae, rock, sigmund freud, simpsons, so go ahead!!, stephen king