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Blood,Spill and Music...

Some urban trash

TS3 Old fashioned Family Home

Yep it`s me again,
today i have something new for you,a cozy nice old house for your pudding-simmies.
It`s a nice little home for a growing family and some pets.You have a livingroom,abig kitchen with a dining corner,a small bathromm,sleeping room and a kid`s room.
Also the house has a small basement.

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Roller Rink

Hey hey Kids,it`s me
Krusty the clown(nah,just kidding)
it`s just me again with a new finished lot.My Simmies need a bit of amusement so i decided to build a vintage decayed Roller-Rink

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Funny but (sadly) true

Hey Guys and Girls it`s me again,
your Sim-killing and pedestrians-torturing Chris W. from da blog(bad pun,i know but it`s my blog :D)
A good friend of mine found this little sims related thingy and thought it would be worth sharing it at my LJ.
So,here it is http://9gag.com/gag/4404368
Have fun and happy simming.
I had to go now because i make Plum Bob lemonade and draining blood from innocent NPC Sims isn`t very easy!
See ya!

Jun. 5th, 2012

Hey folks,
finally i managed it to upload something for you.
This time it`s an urban residential lot with room for a home business,a big yard and a huge garage

DiMaggio`s Garage

2 x 3 Residential Lot
145.151 Simoleons

Stuff you should now:
There`s a huge load of CC in it i guess so be sure to check it out with Clean Installer

Also i have all EP`s but i guess it works with only the main bigger Addons and Nightlife and Mansion and Garden
I want to thank too all creators of the included CC like Aviolina,the people from garden of shadows,cyclonesue,curiousB,Vovillia and all the other talented guys out there

See the download-link below the pictures!

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My favorite Sims related sites

Hey there,it`s me again!!
I just wanted to post some of my favorite Sims-Sites,so sit down,close the door and shut up(sorry,no seatbelts here :D):

This sites contains all my older DL`s

One of the bigger german Sims-Messageboards

Need some dark,grungy or special touch for your simmies?

If your Sims need a new Car,they should visit Vovillia.

That`s all folks!!
See ya :D



Yay,my first Livejournal

For english speaking people:

Hey fellow Simmers(and other LJ watching creatures),
finally i have my very own little place to show and share my Sims 2 and Sims 3 Creations.(okay,mostly houses and mostly for Sims 2 only because my rusty old steam-powered computer doesn`t like Sims 3 much).
This is my first ry at something like a blog so don`t be to rude to a newbie like me or i will send you some...mutant killer sqirrels :D
My older creations can be found on http://www.beautysims.de.
Just check out their download section.I guess you know my houses :D
So long, i had to go now because torturing some annoying pedestrians which cut my way needs a lot of time.

Greetings from Chris W.

Für deutschsprachige Leser:

Hey ihr Sims-Spieler da draußen(und alle anderen LJ lesenden Kreaturen),
endlich habe ich mein eigenes kleines Liveournal wo ich meine Sims 2 und Sims 3 Kreationen zeigen und teilen kann (okay eigentlich sinds nur Häuser und meistns auch nur für Sims 2,da mein rostiger alter dampfbetriebener Computer bei Sims 3 das große Grausen kriegt)
Dies ist mein allererster Versuch etwas ähnliches wie einen Blog auf die Beine zu stellen,also zerreist ihn nicht gleich wieder und seit bei Vorschlägen freundlich,sonst werfe ich mit mutierten Killer-Eichhörnchen nach euch!!
Meine älteren Häuser findet ihr nach wie vor auf
schaut euch einfach mal in deren Download-Sektion um,denke mal meine Häuser werdet ihr sofort erkennen.
So,muss auch schon wieder los da sich nervige Fußgänger welche meinen Weg kreuzten sich nicht von alleine foltern.
also machts gut, euer Chris W.