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Urban living:Part one

Apartments with Garage
Hello dear Friends,Visitors and insane Clowns (yes,i can see you,sitting in an internet cafe somewhere in kansas :D),
for today i want to share my newest Lot.
This time,it is a small group of buildings wich can be placed near or next to other buildings in the same style.The Lot was modiefied with the LotAdjuster and can be attached to other Lots wih the same treatment.
It contains three smaller Apartments for singles or couples and one bigger apartment with a small extra room (maybe for raising a child...).
- unconverted apartment-lot
- 4 apartments
- 1 parking space
- a BBQ Corner in the backyard
- Lotsize: 2x2

Unfortunately,this one contains a buttload of CC.Be sure to check out with CleanInstaller wich ones you have and wich ones you need because not all CC will be packed in.


There is also a huge List from CC-Creators all over the Sims-Universe:

Cyclonesue,Suza,Misty-Fluff,Buggybooze,CuriousB,Vovillia,Guatla,Kativip,Pixelhate,Psychosim,Marina,Julsfels,Spaik,Aika-Guinea and many many more...
Thank you all for your incredible awesomeness and creativity.without you,this game would be so much more lame...

For all the visitors who are still not scared away by the CC-List,here are more Pictures and the DL-Link:

I hope you will have fun with this lot,and stay tuned i will release more stuff soon...

If someone is interested in the BANKSY-Mural,it was once made by me and can be found here: