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Prepare for the 24 Days of DOOM!!!

Prepare for the 24 Days of DOOM!!!

Hohoho everyone,
the most doomful 24 days in the year have already begun,and all over the world kids are opening their little doors or baggies of an advent calendar.
Luckily,Sim-Players are also little kids and they have their own advent calendars with lots of tasty treats for their Sims.
Creators from all over the universe (exept for Planet Meecrob,they don`t celebrate Christmas) filled lots of calendars with useful and/or beautiful stuff.
So did i...
Well,i wasn`t able to fill a calendar with my stuff,but i helped out on another of my favorite sites to fill in some nice things for a calendar.
Be sure to check out this page:

There are five treats made by me in the TS2 Section,so be sure to check this page out everyday(also for the stuff the others made,they are really great)

Have a nice Christmas-Time anyone (And don`t be bothered by the Mayan-Calendar)